by Dipika Guha
Cornish College of the Arts

All Celia wants is to play a great role. But unlike Hamlet, there isn’t one for her to inherit. Despite her sophisticated education and a profound intellectual commitment to helping other women somehow Celia, like her counterpart, cannot act. Still, it seems that her consciousness doesn’t only lie inside her. It seeds and sprouts amidst her twenty first century kinships: her friends. Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Blown Youth asks what happens to the universe if a woman is at its center.

Directed by Caitlin Sullivan
Lighting Design by Gabrielle Strong
Sound Design by Andre Nelson
Movement Direction by Alice Gosti
Fight Direction by Geoffrey Alm

Featuring Haley Bates, Nazlah Black, Meghan Dolbey,Tasha Newell, Fatiyah Ritter, and Te Yelland.