by Neil Ferron
the Satori Group

FABULOUS PRIZES opens the door to a basement apartment where two men have stuffed 28 years of their lives. Obsessed with the arrival of a long-overdue letter, world-class restaurateur Julius and his son, Arthur, create a world of distorted grandeur. The Satori Group and local playwright Neil Ferron dive into a world where we are all held hostage by our fantasies.

Directed by Caitlin Sullivan
Scenic Design by Clare Strasser
Lighting Design by Monty Taylor
Costume Design by Adrienne Harper
Sound Design by Edward Wolcher
Assistant Direction by Liza Curtiss
Production Stage Management by Lauren Hester
Production Management by Amanda Stoddard

Featuring Adrienne Clark, Anthony Darnell, Quinn Franzen, and Nathen Sorseth 

Photos by David Franzen

"The four actors, directed by Caitlin Sullivan, own this show and play their roles in perfect four-part harmony." -Brendan Kiley, The Stranger

"Superbly acted, directed by Caitlin Sullivan, Fabulous Prizes will challenge and reward even the most confounded visitor to Satori's small loft space."- Margaret Friedman, Seattle Weekly