by Mallery Avidon
Williams College Summer Theatre Lab
(workshop production)

Grace is married to her high-school sweetheart, makes good money, and should be way happier than she is. But her husband lost his job and now all he does is play Xbox and smoke pot and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen might be her best friends but maybe they only like her because she's their new target demographic. Or maybe…they're actually going to save her. A funny play about sad people.

Directed by Caitlin Sullivan
Scenic Design by Kate Foster
Lighting Design by Julia
Sound Design by Eben Hoffer

Featuring Gabrielle DiBenedetto, Elena Faverio, Rebecca Fallon, Jonny Gonzalez, John Hawthorne, Ashley Meczywor, Justine Neubarth, Paige Peterkin, Sandy Shedd, and Carina Zox

MARY-KATE OLSEN IS IN LOVE was developed as part of the 2012 Williams College Summer Theatre Lab. The Lab provides an opportunity for current Williams students, as well as returning alumni professionals, to work in a theatrical environment free from commercial and critical pressures. The Lab’s goal is to nurture theatrical projects that foster creative experimentation, artistic risk taking, and the collaborative process.