by George Saunders
adapted with the Satori Group by Spike Friedman

Ordinary life is pretty complicated stuff, but after attending a self-help seminar, Neil is finally on the path to Inner Peace. His new mantra: Now is the Time for Me to Win. The only roadblock: he still lives at home with his fundamentalist sister, Winky. Adapted from the celebrated short story by George Saunders.

Directed by Caitlin Sullivan
Production Design by Adrienne Harper
Lighting Design by Monty Taylor
Projection Design by Andrew Lazarow
Puppetry Consulting by Kyle Loven
Dramaturgy by Lauren Hester
Production Stage Management by Clare Strasser

Featuring Adrienne Clark, Anthony Darnell, Alex Matthews, Ryan Schmidt, Adam Standley, Shannon Waits and Greta Wilson

"Winky” just lays this existential dilemma out, with the full-bodied acting and multifaceted staging (by director Caitlin Sullivan) we’ve come to expect from the intrepid Satori folks."-Misha Berson, The Seattle Times

"The direction (by Caitlin Sullivan) and acting are strong, particularly Darnell as Yaniky and Standley as the smug self-help shyster... a rewarding (and often ruefully funny) experiment in blowing down old walls and building up new ones. Let the Satori Group be an example to the rest of us."- Brendan Kiley, The Stranger