by Sacha Yanow
Danspace Project

NYC-based performance artist and actor Sacha Yanow’s new solo performance is a meditation on desire, belonging, and matrilineal legacy. A fraught romance between showgirl Cherie Dre and Yanow’s grandmother, Shirley, unfolds alongside the rise and fall of the legendary Concord Resort Hotel in Upstate New York.

Through movement, text, and music, Yanow creates an intimate history of the Jewish Borscht Belt, mental illness, cultural assimilation, political repression, and gender trouble, from the Bronx to the Catskills.

Written and performed by Sacha Yanow
Directed by Caitlin Sullivan
Choreographer by Faye Driscoll
Set by Cate McCrea
Lighting by Alejandro Fajardo
Costumes by Ásta Bennie Hostetter
Video by Sasha Wortzel
Voice and Sound by Holland Andrews
Outside Eyes: Morgan Bassichis
Creative Producer: Melissa Levin

Development support for CHERIE DRE was provided by BAC Space residency (Spring 2018), CPR Technical Residency (Spring 2018), Denniston Hill (Summer 2018 & 2017), Hurleyville Arts Centre (Summer 2017 & 2018), Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Process Space Residency (March, 2016), and by a residency-based exhibition at the Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College (September 9–October 9, 2016), curated by Stephanie Snyder.

Photos by Ian Douglas