created with Sarah Einspanier and Deepali Gupta
Ice Factory 2018 at the New Ohio
ANTFest 2018 at Ars Nova

Merry (with an E) is Christine's surrogate mother. Mary (with an A) is Christine's biological mother. Kristine (with a K) is Christine's biological mother's surrogate daughter. Martha is Christine's friend. Martha is having a baby. She can’t decide on a name. A play about family (in many forms) with no yelling. 

Directed and Developed by Caitlin Sullivan
Written by Sarah Einspanier
Music by Deepali Gupta
Scenic & Costume Design by Cate McCrea
Lighting Design by Isabella Byrd
Sound Design by Caroline Eng
Stage Management by Carol Almonte
Technical Direction by Carl Whipple
Produced by Ann Marie Dorr
Assistant Direction by Kim Golding

Featuring Nyahalé Allie, Beth Griffith, Narea Kang, (rebeca) Rad, Ching Valdes-Aran

MADONNA col BAMBINO was developed as part of the New Georges Jam.

Photos by Delaine Dacko


This is why Einspanier and Sullivan’s stillnesses and silence, punctuated with hymns and bells, seem so charged with urgency to me. There must be a way to listen closely again to that vast weird something inside and between us. To turn up the volume on blood and desire and amniotic fluid until it becomes an ocean again. Family may be many things – ugly, inevitable, beautiful, and chosen – but the hope is that it can be shot through with an appropriately paradoxical blend of decision and awe.” - Alex Borinksy, Culturebot

Five Questions with the Creative Team for MADONNA col BAMBINO by Julia May Jonas