by Spike Friedman
developed with the Satori Group
'62 Centre of Theatre and Dance

In a society where rational thinkers are heroes and those who don’t fit are forgotten, Andrea and Leo are two strangers brought together under extraordinary circumstances. After witnessing an unspeakable act of violence, Leo’s mind goes blank and they both are forced to run. Hiding out in a long abandoned schoolhouse, the two dive into their memories, but in attempting to save each other they risk destroying themselves.

RETURNING TO ALBERT JOSEPH explores how we remember, why we forget and what remains when our words are gone.

Directed by Caitlin Sullivan
Scenic Design by Cate McCrea
Lighting Design by Isabella Byrd
Costume Design by Greta Wilson
Sound Design by Eben Hoffer
Production Stage Management by Clare Strasser
Technical Direction by Carl Whipple
Assistant Direction by Kimberly Golding
Produced by Doreen Sayegh

Featuring: Quinn Franzen and Alex Highsmith

RETURNING TO ALBERT JOSEPH was originally produced at the LAB @ INSCAPE in Seattle, WA in 2014, co-directed by Alex Matthews and Caitlin Sullivan and featuring LoraBeth Barr and Quinn Franzen. 

“a touching meditation on love, education, and family through boat analogies and civil strife” -THE SUNBREAK

“an interesting and fiercely intelligent take on dystopian storytelling, one where knowledge becomes the oppressor of emotion, and therefore humanity” – SEATTLE METROPOLITAN MAGAZINE

“succeeds in planting bugs in your head that will be hard to override”– SEATTLE WEEKLY