by Martyna Majok
the Satori Group

There is a place between civilization and wilderness, where a people have set down roots, and use of the past tense has been outlawed. It is a society of the foreign and forgotten, the lost and the seeking, where guitars play stories people don't speak about. Tonight, someone new arrives. 

A collaboration between the Satori Group and playwright Martyna Majok, reWilding places its audience in another America. Enter a community of memories and mysteries, strange humor, and complicated beauty.

Directed by Caitlin Sullivan
Production Design by Clare Strasser and Montana Tippett
Lighting Design by Marnie Cummings
Original Music by This Bitch Don't Fall Off (Keith White, Andrew van Kempen, Josh Koopman)
Movement Direction by Markeith Wiley
Dramaturgy by Lauren Hester
Assistant Direction by Rachel Levens
Production Stage Management by Norah Elges
Production Management by Doreen Sayegh

Featuring LoraBeth Barr, Liza Curtiss, Karen Jo Fairbrook, Quinn Franzen, Spike Friedman, Lauren Hester, John Leith,  Alex Matthews, Doreen Sayegh, Nathan Sorseth, Adam Standley, Kate Sumpter, and Greta Wilson


"Even before the new theater piece 'reWilding' begins, you know you’re in for something extraordinary...'reWilding' is now a remarkable experience — and a haunting one, in a time of much alienation and rootlessness in our land." - Misha Berson, The Seattle Times

"The set, which Sullivan calls 'the installation,' is an immersive woodland environment that blurs the boundaries between performers and audience...It seems like a difficult show to pull off. But with every passing production, the Satori Group gets a little bolder and pushes itself a little further."- Brendan Kiley, The Stranger  

"It’s as though you’re watching a day in the life, or week in the life, of a conclave. The acting is great here under Caitlin Sullivan’s direction, weaving in dance like interactions, breaking the fourth wall." - Maia Janelle, Seattle PI