created and produced by ARTBARN and the Satori Group
performed in the historic Georgetown Steam Plant

A new piece inspired by and performed throughout an old space. Past turbines, amid boilers and valves, we follow Kimmel, Powell, and Gray—the three workers left behind to keep the motors running. When the world outside has finally faded from memory, Kimmel and Powell and Gray begin building their own worlds. But what will happen when the old world comes crashing back in? Will their new cities survive the shock?

Directed by Jess K Smith and Caitlin Sullivan
Written by Melissa D. Brown
Production Design by Deb O
Spectacle and Puppetry by Lacy K Campbell
Lighting Design by Isabella Byrd and Jessica Trundy
Sound Design by Rob Witmer
Movement Direction By Alice Gosti

Featuring: Lorabeth Barr, Liza Curtiss, Jeff Evans, Chuck Leggett, Jordan Moeller, Nic Morden, Brandon Simmons, Adam Standley, Carol Louise Thompson, Lindsey Valitchka, Amber Wolfe

Photos by Alex Garland


"On the night I attended, I saw several people tearing up at what seemed to be innocuous moments, when workers were drinking tea or comforting each other during nightmares. “Prepared” isn’t just about three people trying to do their best in the midst of entropy and obsolescence. It resonates with the collapse and shock all around us — in industry, finance, universities, the newspaper industry and beyond...It’s about you and me and everyone we know." - Brendan Kiley, the Seattle Times